For business

With Mobi-2 you save your time and money

A possibility of fast, quiet and economic moving of workers
on large spaces increases efficiency and effectiveness.

Examples of use
  • Factories and manufacturing plants
  • Forwarding centres
  • Large warehouses
  • Public utility facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Cargo terminals
  • Airports
  • Bus stations
  • Ports
  • Golf courses
  • Sports facilities
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Parks
  • Camping sites
  • Museums
  • Service patrols
  • etc.

Time saving

Possibility of fast moving on large spaces

No exhaust fumes emission

Possibility of using Mobi-2 in closed facilities

Low cost

Rental gross PLN 399.00 + PLN 1.00 charging cost for travelling 100 km.

Long-term rental

Owing to a long-term rental offer tailored to your specific needs, you can increase your workers’ efficiency at low costs. Mobi-2 allows for easy and fast movement, noiseless, with no exhaust fumes emission even in closed facilities, already forstarting from gross PLN 399.00 monthly. The charging cost for 100 km is PLN 1.00 which makes this transportation means exceptionally economical. In order to find out more, contact us through a contact form, providing your data and informing on the planned use of Mobi-2. Our expert will contact you within 24 h and will present an offer for you.

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