Innovative electric vehicle

Modern and dynamic electric scooter with a svast range of functions.
Tourism and leisure, business, industry, services, advertising – these are only some of its functions.


Mobi-2 is an innovative vehicle with a highly efficient electric drive, on which a driver moves in a vertical position. Polish design, manual production, exceptional solutions taken from the aviation technology, a modern motor and charger make Mobi-2 a non-competitive product. It reaches high speed and wide range in a fine style. Maximum speed in city is limited to 25 km/h but its power is much higher. It can travel more than 50 km on a single charge. With the current cost of full charge, which is PLN 0.50, travelling 100 km costs only PLN 1.00. Original design, high performance quality and customising possibility are extra assets in business.

Like a child’s play

Easy use allows everyone from the age of 13 to drive Mobi-2. In order to move on you just have to push on your leg like on a regular scooter, and owing to a special structure, parking does not need any special supports, you just have to lower the vehicle, supporting it on one of stretchers, on the right or on the left, which makes it convenient for right-handed and left-handed people. A well-thought-out structure allows for driving on almost every surface, overcoming climbs and even bigger bumps and kerbs. Good brakes, LEDs, a STOP light and a beep, make driving Mobi-2 very safe.


For whom?

Mobi-2 is perfect as a vehicle enabling tourists to visit scattered interesting places as well as a tool for everyday work, for people moving around a larger area, e.g. in logistic centres, production plants, airport terminals, city gardens, shopping centres – even in places where vehicle traffic is banned. It can also be successfully used in any type of services, by security workers or police officers.


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We are continuously developing our rental network for tourism and leisure needs. Travel fast and comfortably, sightseeing around your holiday destination alreadystarting from PLN 49.00. See where you can find new rental places. Come to us, rent the equipment and enjoy the wind in your hair while driving Mobi-2..

Why Mobi-2


and easy in use

Mobi-2 stands out for exceptional efficiency, allowing travelling on nearly all the types of surfaces with the maximum speed of 25km/h and with the range exceeding 50 km. The travelling cost per 100 km is only PLN 1.00. Yet another advantage is its simplicity – in order to move you just have to push on your leg like on a regular scooter and then the scooter is driven with an electric motor.

For business


At your Company

Spacious areas in logistic centres, production halls, railways, airports, shopping centres and other spaces where personnel must move around fast and efficiently are places where Mobi-2 is just perfect to use, saving your time and money. We offer long-term rental for companies and institutions and a possibility of customising the design and technical parameters.

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